Almost a lifetime

This poem requires a bit of explanation. In seventeen years, four months and some days of being with my wife, though not all of those days as a married couple, I have not once written a poem for her or us. I suppose you could call this the obligatory Valentines day poem, except that I’ve never done it before.


We walked in the dark
on a misplaced summer night
under a canvas of stars, atop a hill

every uncertain step
now cherished memory
more precious than anything

in the dark, you told me
of the moon, and stars, and us
I didn’t need the words, I felt it

You and I were meant to be

in exchange of vows
we promised love,
strength through bad and good

we’ve had our share
over seventeen years
walking uncertainly in the dark

in joy and grief
you’ve been there,
a beloved, ever-present friend

Your love and friendship makes us


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