Writers improvement hell: Building a duck coop


I bet you’re asking what the hell building a duck coop has to do with writing. Nothing. But it has a lot to do with not writing. In case you’re wondering this is another one of those complainy posts about not having enough time. It’s true though, I don’t, and it doesn’t have anything to do with running every night for the own the equinox challenge this month to raise awareness for usher syndrome (sorry, I gotta plug this, people should know about it, and of course if you can contribute, that’d be great too.) Running is a small part of my day, and I’m glad to be doing it.

The bigger time-sink at the moment is correcting the horrible-awful job I did building the duck-coop the first time. It’s too small, the roof is collapsing and you can’t easily get in to clean it. It’s got to happen because I really don’t want to have another morning waking up to “all the ducks are dead, a dog got them, your son found them and is inconsolable.” That happened last year, but I didn’t have the resources to rebuild the duck house then. I do now.

I’ve got 2 real productive days for me in the week, one of which is devoted to preparing for the next week, and the other day is largely relegated to family stuff – mostly goofing off in whatever manner we’ve obligated ourselves to. So, where does writing fit in? I’m not sure right now. In that over-committed weekend I’m managing to carve out hours to build the duck-house, but not much else. I’m usually pretty good about writing it the evenings, but the last few weeks I’ve been tired and distracted – my version of writer’s block. I know that if I ever want to seem my stuff published I’m going to have to focus and actually spend the time, but it’s a fight even for someone like me who doesn’t do anything but work sometimes. For now though, I’m off to run some errands and gather supplies for this weekend’s crack at the coop. Then, of course, there’s the running.


5 thoughts on “Writers improvement hell: Building a duck coop

  1. Nico Smit says:

    My writing progress only really got better when I started getting up at 05:00 and writing in the early morning.
    It’s kind of cheating though… because I am forced to drive to work that early to miss traffic, then I can get 30mins worth of writing in those early hours some days if I don’t have to delve into work straight away.
    That’s worked really well for me, the early hours. No distractions.

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  2. jessmbaum says:

    You know, if you can wake up a half hour early, or go to bed just a half hour late and devote that time to writing everyday it can become part of your routine. That is if you have the ability. haha Just an idea (I don’t write everyday so I may not be the person to listen to heehee)

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