Apple Pie and Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable Shoes

Reluctant witch-hunter, Rick Basket is at it again, and not by choice. As per usual, he’s broke and his personal life is in shambles. After being given a wine bar from a former love interest and dangerous witch, he finds relationship drama in every tiny corner of his life. It’s the sort of thing that sets gossip chains on fire.

Things were already looking bad, until his one and only Friend Sophia turns up, inadvertently dragging him into yet another witch hunt. Instead of doing the smart thing and avoiding it, he jumps in and learns about comfortable-shoes witches. A rare version of the usual, preferring to simply crush their target’s spirit through ever-increasing levels of drama while making a huge mess of everyone’s life in the process.

Rick doesn’t help the situation any by making his own drama in the process.

Apple Pie and Comfortable Shoes is an adventure into suburbia where the witches make the drama and put it out on display, using every tactic in the book.

The first book in the series, Wine Bottles and Broomsticks is available at in paperback and e-book