Deep Space Engineering Help-desk

Randall Christopher Martin Pierce is a thoroughly unremarkable human who had managed to land himself the position of Chief Engineer and Reactor Technician aboard an interstellar vessel run by the Anglophile species calling themselves Dentrassi, after the Douglas Adams race by the same name. He’s both the least qualified person aboard and the most effective. Travelling aboard an interstellar ship run by Dentrassi rarely lands a traveler where he was expecting to go. Randall thought he had only signed up for a short trip, but as soon as he discovers he could be trapped in space for years instead of a few months, he starts looking for ways to get home. As with any good caper, Randall doesn’t have a lot of luck.

Deep Space Engineering Help-Desk has been drafted to just over 70K words and is sitting in the queue waiting patiently for a re-write. If you’re interested, you can find a very rough first-chapter sample here