The Dark Queen of Darkenss

“Things don’t always work out like they do in fairy tales, do they?”

It’s called The Dark Queen of Darkness and it’s a Satirical fairytale on the topic of true love and happily ever after.

The Dark Queen of Darkness sits at the top of a dark tower in a dark land and wants nothing more than to find her one true love and settle in the happy green country of Fairyvale to raise fat babies and maybe chickens. Against the advice of her magic mirror and whisky drinking, pipe smoking fairy godmother Matha, she heads off to Fairyvale to find her one true love with a gargoyle, her magic mirror,  an assassin, who’s really actually a pretty nice guy, and grand notions of happily ever after. It’s an uphill grind through reality of finding love and ultimately learning the truth of the fairytale ending.

This book is currently in editing and I’m aiming to have it ready for publication in September 2019. If you’re interested in a draft taste of this, you can check this out here and here