The Dark Queen of Darkenss

The Dark Queen of Darkness is a satirical fantasy that follows the misadventures of Hexe, the Dark Queen in her quest to become a simple farm girl, find her one true love, and have a couple of fat babies, and maybe a few chickens.

Hexe finds that even though she lives in a fairy-tale story book, happily ever after is a lot harder to find that you might think and certainly doesn’t match the fairy-story version of it. This is especially true in a country held fast by the dark queen that finds itself no longer held fast. Quite apart from finding her own prince charming (not The Prince Charming, Pete) there are a number of challenges facing her and her happily ever after. Even with a fairy godmother giving advice, the company of her magic Mirror, Luc, the steadfast support of Melbourne the Gargoyle, and Charlie, the assassin, she can’t quite seem to catch a break.

This book is in progress and I’m hoping to have it ready for submission in mid 2017. If you’re interested in a draft taste of this, you can check this out here and here