Works in Progress

Once upon a time, I was content to have a single project, but as these things go, the more I write the more I want to write about other stuff. Sometimes it’s just because a new idea strikes me, and sometimes it’s to improve in the craft. So, instead of having a single work in progress (WIP) or story to talk about, I’ve got a small pile starting to form. With that in mind, here’s a listing of various projects I’m working on, or have finished.

Wine Bottles and Broomsticks

Deep Space Helpdesk

The Dark Queen of Darkness

Flash Fiction:

Lucky 13

Eight Words

Blue Butterfly

Gamblers Paradise



Almost a Lifetime

Just another Domestic Sunday

Listening to Ghosts

Whiskey in the Morning

In the Long Shadow

In an Empty Room

You have to Mean it

New Year Celebration

Tromping Around in the Snow


They’re Not All Good

The Space Between


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