Work life balance

I’ve got a full time regular job. On the whole, it’s a good job, I’m treated well by management, reasonably well compensated, get tons of paid time off, and I’ve got lots of latitude in what I do. It also has nothing to do with writing, which is good, because then writing qualifies as a hobby and I don’t mind doing it when I get home from work. However, when things get busy or difficult, it saps all of my creative energy and can sometimes turn into a 12 hour day. To top it off, I’ve got to manage homework for the kids, dinner, and other odds and ends.

Most nights, I’m too worn out to make any real progress, but over the last few months I’ve started to get serious about not losing momentum. I want to be done, and I don’t want to be that guy who spends a lot of time talking about writing and not doing it. Most nights, I spend at least an hour trying to work, but inevitably I wind up spending the time looking at a sentence or paragraph and reworking it without any real progress (Actually that’s where I seem to be with this post right now). Usually, whatever I work on winds up being replaced as soon as I get a chance to re-read it. As pointless as it seems, this strategy has so far made it easier or those times when I can actually spend a good chunk of time writing. So, I’m heading back to it, in the hopes that my upcoming long weekend will give me some time to work through the chapter revision I’m working on.


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