There are times, particularity when I’m having a difficulties carving out time to write, when I start to feel a little discouraged. It gets worse when I start looking at what other writers are up to or have accomplished. The problem is that I love my project, but I’m super-critical and when I start thinking about all of the great concepts and finished works out there, my work really starts to seem juvenile. It’s a challenge for me to just not give up sometimes. (like I really have a choice in the matter. I’ve tried to give up this project more than once, but in the end, I continue to think about it and pick it back up.) This blog is actually an attempt to prevent that sort of thing. The idea being that if I can share my thoughts, maybe get some feedback, it’ll keep me motivated. Maybe my story really isn’t as good as all of those other things I read or hear about, and won’t ever go beyond just a few friends, but I think that’ll be better than feeling down because I defeated myself before I got started.

Becoming discouraged


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