Progress report

I was going to post something last night, but I was just stupid tired. Whatever topic I was all fired up about in the morning just seemed to go out of me (still gone actually, though I do want to get to it … at some point). I don’t know if it’s all of the things at work I’m trying to get to (I have to write something suspiciously like a college term paper by the end of the month, which means it has to be done early next week for various reviews to take place), or if it’s the intense focus on holiday preparations, or possibly the fact that there’s about 45 minutes of daylight right now, I’m feeling pretty exhausted at the moment.

In spite of that though, I’m feeling fairly proud of myself. While I may have spent a few too many hours of my week whining about not having time for anything but blogging and running errands, I managed to finish a comb-through and revision of the first 11 chapters (~50K) of my story. The last of these 11 chapters was essentially re-written because it was just weak. Much stronger now. Still needs work, I think, but it’s close enough to move on to the next 4 or 5 chapters before revisiting. One of the reasons I’m proud of myself though is because as I went through and made various edits I actually came to the point where the entirety of the 11 chapters seem consistent and feel as though every action and reaction has a justification that makes sense in the context of the story, back-story, and overall plan. There isn’t anything left where I’m having to tell myself I’ll figure out the reason for that later. It’s making the next 3 or 4 chapters in the queue for revision / re-writing / writing seem a lot clearer in my mind. Once I actually get some time to really dig in, I should be able to make a significant amount of progress.


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