What is writing for an aspiring writer?

Is writing an obsession? Is it a hobby? is it a job? (As I’m not paid, it’s certainly not a job) Is it all three, none of the above? I don’t know, I was just sort of thinking about it. What I do know is that it’s not something I really have the luxury of spending 10 hours a day working on. Even then, there are days where I can’t think of doing anything else. If it hadn’t been for exploding a bag of tasty bites in the microwave, today would have been that day. Nothing done but daydreaming at the laptop. I suppose in the end I managed to strike a fair balance. The microwave is clean, the floors swept and mopped, laundry done, bathrooms cleaned, and the kids will have all had their baths in the next hour. Plus, I managed to draft about half a chapter. I wish all days could be quite so productive.


2 thoughts on “What is writing for an aspiring writer?

  1. daveallen says:

    It’s what you make it. Some days, I cram in ten minutes of writing before driving to work, and that’s it. You never know.

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  2. Desi Valentine says:

    I think writing is all of those things, though I like the term ‘work’ better because a whole hell of a lot goes into it, and because that’s what writing in academia is called — for which just about no one ever gets paid. I write because I have stories. I imagine that when I run out of those, I’ll find some other ‘work’ to squeeze in around my child-herding, house-cleaning, text-studying ‘jobs’. 🙂

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