Where do you find the time?

This is actually a question I get asked about my other hobbies. I do woodworking, beer brewing and plus there’s the job, kids and trying to help keep the house from falling apart. Not to mention going to the gym in order to avoid a heart attack before the age 39. It’s a good question though. As I devote virtually every free moment to writing, I wonder. How is it that writers manage to finish not one, but multiple book while juggling work, home life and general living? I’ve only been at it hard for about the past year or so, before that I was a lot more casual about it. I’d go on jags for a few weeks where I’d think about and do nothing but work on my story, then I’d go weeks or months with little more than a cursory effort. Now as I enter the home stretch for having a full draft, recognizing there’s about as much work left as I’ve already put into it. I wonder – Is it really worth the exhaustive effort? This is a somewhat rhetorical question, I’m going to keep at it regardless of the outcome. I’m way to stubborn not to. It’s sort of like this: Let’s say I finish my story. Then there are at least 2 books behind that to finish out the project. Let’s further assume I manage to sell my work (this is a big assumption, I fully recognize this, but that is the goal.) I will still be working my full time job, managing children, ducks, other hobbies, and a constant battle with health (I’m not super unhealthy or anything – my usual work out is a 2-3 mile run. I just HAVE to do it almost daily or my blood pressure becomes dangerously high). So, what do other writers do? How do you manage the life-work-writing balance?


One thought on “Where do you find the time?

  1. Desi Valentine says:

    I work from 7:30am to 6:00pm on weekdays, have two elementary school aged children, a house and a yard, and I work with adult literacy learners one night a week. So, I’m busy. I have about an hour in the middle of the day and maybe two hours in the evening to write, give or take. Fitting first drafts into that time is easy. For editing, proofing, polishing and submitting, my husband takes the kids to his parents house for a few hours on evenings or weekends, or — and this is what I did with my master’s papers and thesis — I book a day or two off of work to live at the library from 8am to 9pm. It helps to have good keyboard skills (I type about 120wpm) but otherwise, I think it’s all about finding the time. Good luck!

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