The only word that could possibly do justice to today’s weather is relentless. The wind is blowing at about 35mph, and gusting to around sixty, though I’m pretty sure that last night we were breaking toward 80. The Oxford English Dictionary (the thirteen volume version) simply defines this word as Incapable of relenting; pitiless. This is a pretty good description of what’s going on here. It would be cold without the wind, and when it’s cold, the wind seems to have so much more force behind it. The OED also contains this little gem on the word.

1798 Edgeworth Pract. Educ. I. 380 Few things can be more the young writer than the voice of relentless criticism.”

I don’t know that I ever feel terrific about criticism, but I certainly appreciate it and find the result of responding to it close to terrific.


3 thoughts on “Relentless

  1. Criticism doesn’t work for me. Feedback does, especially if it’s helpful.
    Wind I can always do without (it blows fierce here too)

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    • Dave S. Koster says:

      Straight up criticism feels like the best way to ensure that feedback is ignored. Although, I’ve been on the receiving end of feedback that is fairly blunt and to the point without much in the way of real suggestion, and I still managed to walk away with a better sense of how to move forward.

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      • It’s a fine line, and one that isn’t always easy to recognize. I try to remember to be constructive when I offer my suggestions or thoughts. I give what I hope to receive, although some people are just blunt to the point of rudeness. (I’ve learned from that type too, but let’s just say, I choose to avoid them whenever possible).

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