It’s Thursday isn’t it. Never could get the hang of Thursdays.

I’m seven pages into the rework of my chapter 15. So far it’s kept most of the character and plot points it started with though the characters have been significantly revised since the last go around, and the events leading up to it have also changed a lot. The problem I’m having thought is that I’m not satisfied with the words hitting the page. I’ll write a bit of scene and look back over it, just to make sure I got the entire thought. Entirely too often, I don’t like what I’m seeing. Part of it is my own overly critical eye, the other part is that I’m not sure HOW to make it better than it is -perhaps I’ll need a friend with a red pen. I would say that what I’m writing flows reasonably well and has adequate description and action, but it’s not as good as I want it to be. I’m forcing myself to just let it go and continue on. All of the highlights are in there. I think right now the best thing to do is to work through the revision, go back through one more time, and continue on through the story. I’ll just have to let it sit and simmer before I can go back and think about the polishing process. Anyhow, that’s today’s thought.


5 thoughts on “It’s Thursday isn’t it. Never could get the hang of Thursdays.

  1. This post is a snap shot of my writing style! I spent the better part of two days revising today’s post. It helped reading it out loud to my teenager- only when she gave the thumbs up did I hit publish.
    I’m curious- if you don’t mind me asking- is this a rewrite of a completed first draft? Or is the story not yet completed?

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    • Dave S. Koster says:

      It’s not drafted yet. Chapter 15 rounds out the first 68K words. I’m pretty sure the final will land between 80 and 90, as I haven’t ruled out the possibility of expanding on a bit of sub-plot, which has been recommended by two friends who have read the draft work. I have chapter 16 drafted, and two and a half more chapters after, but I decided those were better put off to the next book. That decision sent me back for a major plot revision a few months ago – it didn’t things change a lot, but it did cascade through the entire draft. Now I’ve done that, I’m getting ready to write the last few chapters of this book. I have them mostly mapped out. Also, I did finish going through chapter 15 last night. The second half didn’t need a lot of revision for plot items.

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  2. Onion says:

    Where did the title come from? It feels like I have heard it before, but a Google search returns 10 results, 9 of them are your blog. This is the only other result:


    • Arthur Dent said it to Ford Prefect just after the Earth was destroyed and they were chilling on a ship in the Vogon Destructor fleet. I think it’s pretty paraphrased. I do have a copy of the book on my nightstand, but I was too lazy to go up and get the exact quote.


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