Happy April Fools Day!

I spent a lot of unnecessary time this week thinking about what sort of April fools post to make. Given the frequency of my posts lately, I suppose I could have just skipped it and called it good. However, coming up with a topic that is simultaneously BS and relevant to writing was going to take a lot more time than I’m willing to invest just now (You may call this for what it is – lazy). It’s not that I’m a huge fan of the pranks and what-not that sometimes happen today. Last year for April fools a couple of the ladies at work cleaned my office. If you’ve ever seen my office, at least before last spring, you’d know that this was not only a massive undertaking, but also that the effect of looking as if everything had been moved out of my office, leaving nothing more than a clean desk and a computer. The real joke was on my colleague down the hall. Much of the mess in my office was transplanted to his. This was funny because his office is usually tidy, everything in it’s place. Anyhow, after that, I thought I should really do something BIG this year. Nope. Just not in me.

I could have written a big post about how my wife eased me into purchasing some 27 baby waterfowl by breaking it first into small numbers that sounded vaguely like the added to say much smaller number. I didn’t think to add up before yesterday. She also use the ‘free shipping’ argument. I’m not really convinced free shipping is worth 30 birds living in the house for six to eight weeks and all of the feed the free shipping is not going to pay for. No, I couldn’t write that because she already did, and it’s also not an April fools joke. This is happening.

Also on the list of possible posts for a short while was to post something about the hippopotamus found in Kenai Lake, that may be part of Pablo Escobar’s feral herd. Google this, I dare you.

No, I didn’t do any of those things. I concluded I would be much better off not doing anything for April Fools this year. You know – roll like it’s a regular day off of work to focus on writing. Instead I decided to leave you with a picture of the tattoo I got today.IMG_0451


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