YES, I’m still alive.


Alright, so I haven’t been blogging much. I’ve been uber-busy. As expected, starting a new job has thrown my entire schedule off. Not only that, school started last week, I’m trying to build a duck coop, and I accepted a challenge from a former colleague of mine to run every day to help raise awareness and research money for Usher Syndrome (learn more here). With all that, and trying to keep everyone fed and organized, the precious little writing time I get has been poured into Wine Bottles and Broomsticks, rather than a well thought out rant on various problems I’m hitting with writing. Not that I’ve made a whole lot of progress there either.

Sure, I could rant about how to deal with criticism again, that’s a good go-to or perhaps geek out on constructed language development, which would be fun, instead, I thought I’d just post to say I’m still here, and I will continue writing about writing, at some point. In the mean time, I’ll be off trying to keep up with my 1-mile or more a day running schedule, and one final chapter a month writing schedule.


One thought on “YES, I’m still alive.

  1. Nico Smit says:

    Life of a writer… don’t we all know it all too well 🙂

    Good luck. And keep going, it’s good to not only do work and write, but balance time with the other demands and pursuits of life. Keep running (pun intended).

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