It’s the equinox today!


In Fairbanks today there’s a marathon, it’s been underway since half an hour before I started writing this actually. It’s a well known event here in Alaska. This year there’s more to it. Several runners, including some colleagues and friends are running the race to raise awareness and research funding for Usher Syndrome. I’ve been doing my little part help via social media. Today, being race day, is also Usher Syndrome Awareness day. I’m not personally effected by it, only personally know one person who is, but I can lend a hand here, it’s just one little piece and in order to make something big, you’ve got to have those little parts.

I didn’t make it up there to cheer everyone on. That would have been great, but for various and sundry it wasn’t going to happen. Instead, I’ll be cheering them all on in the virtual universe. If you have a minute, take a look a their website, consider sharing it with others you know. Not everyone has the resources to donate, but anyone can send out the call to say: Hey – did you ever hear about this? For an effort like this one, that’s quite as important as the fund raising. One goal is to reach out to folks and connect with those who do have resources to donate. So, anyhow, that’s my plug.


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