‘Who would win in a Fight’ character vs. bracket on Twitter

Naturally with NaNoWriMo starting TOMORROW, I’m doing anything and everything BUT working on my project (not 100% true, but close). In true time wasting fashion I spent entirely too much time trying to think of ways to really abuse the new Twitter polling. I mean, I could ask stuff like Royals | Mets (as if there’s a choice here) or Trump / Sanders, but no, I want to put it to the test and use it for something truly pointless. EPICALLY pointless, because meta…

Anyhow If you were ever a 14 – 21 year old male, chances are you played the ‘who would win in a fight’ game (if you were, by chance any sort of geek at all, the chances are 100% – you did this don’t claim you didn’t). It’s a time honored tradition where two characters are pitted against each other and one crowned victorious by the person not asking. The rules further require you provide some justification and possibly engage in a lengthy conversation (argument) about how, exactly, the Hulk would pummel/bend Wolverine into a pretzel without being cut to ribbons first. It seemed only fitting that Twitter polling should be put into full use to determine, once and for all, who would win. So, play along, it’ll be fun! I’ll use the tag #whodwin just in case you aren’t following @daveskoster

How’s it work?

I’ve set up a bracket (below), every day I’ll post a bunch of vs. options. Once the entire first round bracket has been voted on and the winner declared for each, I’ll update the bracket and start round two. At the end, we will have the ultimate winner of the who would win game. Sports brackets, stats, and solid nerding. What could possibly go wrong?

I just picked a bunch of random characters who would be fun to pit against each other or imagine being beaten. As this is the prerogative of the questioner, I’m not sorry if I missed your favorite. These have largely been randomly sorted, although there were a few good random pairings, some hand-manipulated ones for theme. May the best character win!

Screenshot from 2015-10-29 20_11_14


6 thoughts on “‘Who would win in a Fight’ character vs. bracket on Twitter

  1. efrussel says:

    Twilight vampire vs. Mal? Please!

    Liked by 1 person

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