A progress report for today

This morning I got up, started the car, had my first cup of coffee then headed off to the coffee shop. The weekend morning coffee shop visit is new since the start of NaNoWriMo. I know that nano is over, but it felt like a good habit. I can’t say it’s a super productive time, I usually sit there and bullshit with a friend. That said, it does help me remain focused. I think I knocked out about 1000 or so words this morning. After that, I got NOTHING done – well, as far as writing is concerned. I spent the entire day with holiday decorations and housework. Tomorrow will be worse. It’s the kids christmas concert.

Over all, it was about as productive day as I could have hoped for. I still have an hour or so in the day, so I’m going to post this blog and get back to it. I need to get this story out, maybe I’ll get another five hundred words out.


One thought on “A progress report for today

  1. jessmbaum says:

    Hey, writing any words is better than writing none at all 🙂

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