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So I got this nomination today from Whimsical Wyvern – which is super cool, thanks for that! I think I’ve said before that these things are good for us* to help connect to each other. However, I’m super distracted at the moment and I always have an impossible time coming up with names because invariably those folks I routinely follow have already been nominated recently for something or generally don’t do these awards. All that said, I’ll give a couple of facts about myself, and anyone who reads this consider yourself nominated. Check out Whimsical Wyvern’s blog to scope out the rules 🙂

1.) I live in Alaska and I’m not leaving for love or money, unless the issue is that I have neither, then all bets are off.

2.) My life’s goal is to become a full-time, paid, writer, but I’ll settle for the life I’ve got now, but with a really good cup of coffee.

3.) I built most of my own house by hand. Yes, I literally nailed the frame together, stood up the walls, hung the drywall, and every part in between.

4.) The hissing of geese is one of my biggest fears. You won’t understand this until you’ve had a goose hiss at you.

5.) I usually wash my hair before I go to the gym.

6.) I’ve got a low tolerance for bullshit, make-work, and indecision. Except when it comes to dinner. I actually don’t care about what’s for dinner provided it doesn’t contain the following ingredients:

7.) I refuse to eat mayonnaise, cream cheese, cottage cheese, ranch dressing, and sour cream.

8) My iPhone Siri is the Australian one.

How’s that for enough details about me? What about you? Take the nomination answer questions. We’re all human beings and we’re a lot more interesting to each other if we each other and what the other absolutely won’t eat.

*Various bloggers who are just trying to connect with folks over things like writing or whatever it is we’re blogging about.


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