Tag – I’m it!

I’m not really sure what I’m tagged for, but I was tagged by @CrisKarlyle, (and also here) and they were easy questions where I get to get all stupid romantic about my wife (yes sick and mushy and things). Here are my answers to some questions – enjoy.

Full Name: I don’t hide it – Dave S. Koster (Although, it’s really David. I don’t go by that though – not anymore.)

Single or Taken: Married for um, I don’t really remember anymore but I do know that we’ve been together about 19 years, which means that we hit the point where we’ve been together for longer than the whole length of time before in October. In celebration, I want to go to Seattle and get stupid drunk and spend lots of money we haven’t got because it’s better than a mid-life crisis, but it’s probably not going to happen.

Crushes: Although she doesn’t know it, Wife. It’s funny, because unlike the usual definition of crush, where you go all weak-kneed and stuff when you see them, I get anxious when she’s not around. It’s okay if it’s a planned thing, but if it’s one of those times when I’m not really expecting her not to be around, then I feel it – maybe that’s not really a crush?

Height: 5’7, but I make up for that in other ways.

Favorite color: Green. It’s about trees.

Girl Best Friend(s): Wife. Then, after that, Sarah&Cameron. Cameron is a dude, but you don’t get one without the other, and that’s just fine by me. Those two are a blast. They moved back to Canada last year, and I’m still struggling through it.

Guy Best Friend(s): Scott – Best man each other’s weddings, known him almost as long as my wife, then also @pithyonion.

Married?: Yup.

Want kids: Already have, and we’re done making them.

If so, how many: we have 3.

Snapchat: Reminds me of some computer thing from the 90s that never really caught on.

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Last Drank: Moonshine. No I will not tell you where I got it, but it was good πŸ™‚

Glasses: I’m supposed to wear them, but don’t because they seem to make my eyes worse.

Makeup or no: I am WAY too cheap for makeup. Although, now I think about it, even if it were cheaper, I wouldn’t wear it. Just too much work.

Cats or Dogs: Ducks. Cats are jerks and I hate cleaning the cat-box more than laundry and dishes. Dogs require much more training and time than I’ve really got available to spend. Ducks are somewhere in the middle, but with a lot more poop.

Evil or Good: I’m probably good-good. Everyone gets the benefit of the doubt until they straight-up lie and continue to try to pass it off as truth even after caught out.

Favorite sport: I am so apathetic regarding sports that I can’t even begin to say what I would sit and watch. Although, I do like to go baseball games from time to time. It’s low-key and usually a good time.

Favorite animal: Oak Tree – not an animal? Don’t care, it’s a living thing and it’s my favorite.

Weird?: Yes, all the time and when I’m feeling particularly weird, I’m feeling particular me. It’s sometimes very difficult for the kids. They’re never sure what I mean when I say something.

Do you have haters?: Yes. You can’t go through life acting as though you know and can do everything without gaining a few haters who either can’t do those things or know how to do those things better and don’t like the arrogant attitude. Plus being generally weird and allowing my mouth to just carry on with whenever tends to just piss people off.

Funny or Nah?: I think I’m funny and my wife continues to encourage me so I can’t really tell you for sure.

Apple or Samsung: I have a computer science degree and work as a programmer. I can program in several languages and consider myself an expert in database architecture. With this in mind, you might imagine that I would like the flexibility of the Andriod OS found on Samsung. I can’t abide Android. ……….. (those dots were so you could gasp and such). I can’t abide it because it’s a particularly unstable platform. You can always bet on Apple working. Yes, it wants to take over your life and make you do everything Apple, but it always works, and being a programmer, I have rather high standards for what qualifies as shit. If I download an app that damn thing had better work. Apple, I’ve never been disappointed. Samsung, this happens very, very frequently. The same is true for Microsoft.

Smart: I am very, very down on myself about everything because I always know I can do better, but I find myself feeling like nobody around me gets it (for example, I’m the most capable person in the room – I HATE feeling this way). The huge exception here is out on Twitter. The folks I’ve connected with make me feel like I make myself feel – the short fat kid that gets to sometimes hang out -this suits my personality just fine.

Now I get to tag. I’ve got a bit of a problem though, I’m not sure WHO to tag, so I’mma pick some random folks from my ‘List of awesome people’: @greytopia and @AuthorErinChase


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  1. mariemccloskeywrites says:

    Haha Fav animal-TREE haha nice

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