Still Jobbed

As of Friday, I’m still jobbed! Yay – I like my job and my co-workers, even when they call at 2:45 on a Friday with a problem that really needs a solution before Monday. I can get behind the mission and the need. Unfortunately, we’ll be going over this again next year. This is only a one-year reprieve. Even though I just got my job back not six months ago, I’m once again considering jumping ship, but out of state. There are some opportunities that would let me work 50/50 AK and ‘elsewhere’. Last time I looked, this was incredibly lucrative too. However, I’m not super chuffed about it. Anyhow. That’s where I’m at, saving until next year’s layoff.


One thought on “Still Jobbed

  1. What a relief! You’re right, though. A year goes by faster than you think it will.

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