Constructed Languages

I’ve constructed major parts of two different languages for the Fifth Sword series, the first book of which is called War of Shadows. These languages are Lotath, the language of the Jai (one of the people in my world), and also the language of the Swaerem, which is just referred to as the Swaerem tongue. As a disclaimer, I am NOT a linguist, nor do I pretend to be one. I know enough Spanish to read my children’s homework, and that’s about it. I’m really interested in languages, but I’m MORE interested in writing, and so that’s where the bulk of my energy goes. That said, early on in the project nearly all of my time was spent with maps and language. Now that’s really more of a side-show to help me locate and place events in the Fifth Sword books. Anyhow, I’ve decided to share some of what I’ve done here on my blog.


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