Whole new vistas of procrastination


So…. About that NaNoWriMo thing. I know I’ve committed to doing it, and I still plan to, but it starts in a mere 2 days time. I have no plot, officially sending me into pantster mode for the project. To make matters worse, I spent today thinking about anything but my NaNo project. On the way into work I started putting together a concept for an off-center novel about super-heros. No problem, I figured, I get a lunch break right? Nope-asked my wife out for coffee instead (which she paid for – how’s that for progressive! 😉 ) Plus I finally got my twitter polling (there are wheels grinding there to, I can tell you!) That ended the lunch-break writing session. No problem. Still got traffic on the way home right? Erm. Nope. Was thinking about another blog post I preemptively sketched out last night and went into a totally unrelated ditch. Now I’ve got another story idea I need to jot down. Plus, I had some seriously solid ideas on how to fix my War of Shadows story.

I think that so far my NaNo experience has been one of the most inspired moments of my life. So much going through my head, it’s just that none of it is going to result in a drafted novel this month. If anything, it’ll just result in an even more bizarre browser history.

What am I going to do now? How am I going to stay focused? To start, I’m going to write down my ideas and force myself to work on the Steampunk project it’s got to get done dammit! That said, it’s already looking like I might go seriously off the rails. Anyhoo. That’s my update for the day, on to that other bit of procrastinating I need to work on.