Ending on a high note

IMG_0501Yup, I’m going to do it, I’m going to write the obligatory end-of-year post where I gush about my year. So, bear with me, it’s therapeutic to over-share.

This past year was a good one for myself and my family both in terms of personal victories and family victories. Sure, our son had an appendectomy and we almost had to pay for it out of pocket, and yes I got a layoff notice in June, but here I am on Dec 31 feeling like this has been one of the best years we’ve had in a long time. Long time.

I started the year with one goal – Finish my book, that book being ‘The Fifth Sword’ and I did YAY ME! – except the book generally sucks, so there’s that, but it’s done and I did it and someday, when I’m ready, I’ll go back and rewrite it.

The layoff notice I got wasn’t a sure thing and it didn’t end up coming to pass, but it worried me- a lot. However, as bad as it seemed at the time, it got my ass in gear, with special thanks to a lot of helpful advice and encouragement from friends, family and wonderful folks out on various social media. Now I’ve got a new job, with a lot more opportunity (for both success & failure, but I’m working on the success part every day.)

In August, I did something that I didn’t ever expect. I decided to write a humorous book about witches and fashion and all sorts of things that I find funny. Not that I’m against people wanting to look and feel good about themselves, mind you, I just find there’s a lot of humor around that sort of thing. I love working on the book and it sucks a hell of a lot less than book #1

Interestingly enough, my new job is proving to be exceptionally stressful. Largely because it is new and I don’t know squat about healthcare. I’ve got to lean all my weight against my skills in strategic planning, design and data analysis. Seems to be working. Today, the last workday of the year, I had a meeting that’s been postponed for about a month, which had been stressing me out. I have a deadline after all and I don’t intend to miss it. the meeting went very well. I walked away believing that I’m on the right track and the plan my boss an I have packed together is going to be a good one. It felt awesome to leave work for a long weekend and the end of the year on that note.

That’s not all of it though. This year I really started trying to get into social media, partly to drop myself into an environment flush with other writers more than happy to dole out much needed advice, and who are also facing the same sorts of questions I am: I like to write, but how do I get published? How do I get folks to buy my book? etc… Surprisingly, I’m finding the not-book industry conversation not only entertaining, but also good for the soul – excellent advice and encouragement. I’m amazed every day at how many cool people are out there who are willing to give you a needed kick in the ass or pat on the back. Which brings me to the very last point of this long rambling obligatory post, if you’ve read this far, you may be one of those people out in the universe who have helped to make my year interesting and helped me get through a couple of sketchy moments with flying colors. So, thank you guys, you’re awesome. Happy new year.


2 thoughts on “Ending on a high note

  1. Tiegan says:

    Yup, 2015 was pretty great 🙂

    I hope to achieve some of the stuff you’ve done in the next year (like, in general, write a book. Even if it really sucks.).

    Have a good 2016!


  2. Here’s to a happy 2016.

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