Well, that was fast.

Okay, I’m not ready to say a lot. I’ve been thinking about it and wanted to write a pretty long and in-depth post, but the best I have is: I’m going to grad school in the fall. THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN!!!! I’m not to a point where I can talk about the program or school, but as soon as the dust settles and enrollment happens, I absolutely will.

What I can say right now is that I’m stuck in between the notion of: “Hell yeah, I can do this, a good school with a good program wants me ASAP!!!” and – OMG, did I do enough research and are these programs what I *think* they are? Anyhow, one month out from getting serious, and it’s going to happen!


One thought on “Well, that was fast.

  1. I’m so familiar with that feeling!


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